The Wild Wateland! Fallout 76! LIVE!!The Wild Wateland! Fallout 76! LIVE!!

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Fallout 76 has finally released! Time to get full on stuck in!

Steaming through at full speed! Lets get mutations!!!

Messages read out with donations. Try keep it clean guys.
Carrying on out Fallout 4 adventure! Where will it take us?

Livestream Rules
1. Be respectful. Swearing is ok but don’t be aggressive or disrespectful.
2. No private conversations in chat. Chat is communal and is for everyone.
3. Racism/sexism and phobias or all sorts make you a bad person. Bad people don’t belong here!
4. Be good! Have fun and enjoy yourselves!
5. No self promotion.


If you make a donation be sure to let me know in the comments so i can thank you properly.

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